Microsoft Sports Science

How do you maximize player performance, plan training sessions smarter and reduce chance of injury through over-training?

The Microsoft Sports Science Platform is a suite of apps built on Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Surface technology, that aims to help teams track, improve and predict their players performance using machine learning and Surface technology. The project is designed to make coaches better understand player data and find ways to turn that into actionable insights. Microsoft’s Sports Performance Platform can, for example, figure out when a player is at risk of injury, based on his or her most recent performance and recovery time.

The Ask

Create an app for the Microsoft Sports Science Platform that helps coaches and trainers leverage data to maximize player performance, plan training sessions smarter and reduce chance of injury through over-training.

Our Approach

We started with digging to see what data was currently available and which data was desired. Through user interviews with staff from the Seattle Reign we acquired a good contextual understanding of what coaches and trainers found to be “actionable insights” and how they make decisions.

It was clear that we would have to come up with an easy and accurate way for players to add their personal data (hours of sleep, fatigue level etc.) so that the manager had insights of a player’s fitness and minimize the chance of injury. The UX approach was driven by the coach’s desire to get precise answers on who’s fit, who’s healthy, who can and who can’t train.
The Outcome
We made use of facial recognition technology for players to quickly login when they entered the training facility and through a simple slider screen put in their vitals. We then presented them with a personalized exercise recommendation based on their data. We created a training session planner for coaches and trainers with several dashboards with aggregated vitals from players for them to make decisions on team formation and training exercises for the next matches.

Click here to launch the Invision Prototype password: popaccess