How can we re-imagine the support agent portal so that we can offer added value to our customers in one comprehensive tool?

Expedia Agent Portal (Voyager)

Expedia’s agent portal works independently from the main Expedia website.

The portal is optimized for agent-customer interactions and provides more in-depth information and functionality then the customer facing website.

The Ask

What would the customer portal look like in the next 3 years? How can we optimize it for the agent to have quality information and possibilities for upsell and cross sell. Create a vision that we could use as a North Star for the near future.

The Approach

For this project we knew we had to start at the end. What are some of the most common questions agents had to answer, what were the opportunities to create unique selling points and what were some of the most repeating tasks?

We wanted to add value by having a seamless experience for the agent based on their current workflow. We looked at pain points both the agents had in dealings with customers. Major pain points included the use of multiple legacy tools in addition to the main portal to accommodate customer requests.

Our team of three was lucky to have access to the agents in the Philippines call centers and an former agent who now worked in our main office.

The Outcome

We created an animated video to convey our vision. The video features a future agent-customer interactions.

My Role and what I made sure of

My role on the project was to interview and shadow agents in the field, write up the scenarios for the videos and do some of the voice-over work. Because of all the research I was able to create persona documents, collaborating with the product owner to include KPIs. I made sure these persona documents were printed out in large size and hang on the walls of the office space so that everyone who worked on the project was aware of who we are building this tool for.