Mentoring and Advising

I give back to society by mentoring budding UX professionals to give them the insights and skills to succeed.

As an advisory  board member on the University of Washington’s Certificate in UX & Visual Interface Design,  I periodically meet up with students and future colleagues and engage in some of the following activities:

  • Advice and wisdom
  • Interview training
  • Portfolio and resume reviews
Beside being an advisor on the UWPCE certificate program, I regularly give guest lectures, and assist in learning sessions.

Currently I am also one of the advisors on the UW Master’s program for Human Computer Interaction and Design program.

Students in a Design Thinking Class
The images are from a Saturday session of the Certificate in UX & Visual Interface Design program at UW.  Here students are creating a storyboard for testing a prototype. I co-facilitated and helped students by actively advising and participating in the tasks.

If you would like me to help you, teach you or if you need a guest presenter to speak at your event or company,  feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.