My mission is to energize teams through Design Thinking. I empower project and UX teams with a user-centric approach to get actionable insights that pave the way for true innovative solutions. I break down the barriers that stand in the way of teams’ success. 

As a Design Thinking leader, my role is to make sure the customers are the focal point in designing a service, product or app. I get teams unstuck by helping them reframe the key problem statement and by challenging solutions based on assumptions. Deep understanding of customers and stakeholders are the key to any successful project.

I empower teams with the tools and skills they need to remove organizational and personal barriers that may impede innovation. I believe in inclusive and multi functional collaboration teams, and aligning diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to create successful project charters and UX visions.

Successful design doesn’t start with a technology solution. It starts with the core needs of people. Understanding and communicating those human needs, wants, and pain points is the starting point to finding solutions that users will adopt.

Core Belief

I empower teams to question the status quo and check their assumptions. Humans shouldn’t suffer from techno-centric solutions. Real innovation starts when products or services are carefully crafted and solutions are based on real user needs.

Leading by example

I have worked with designers, engineers, students, and scientists to craft customer centric solutions by applying Design Thinking. I expose the integral customer experience to siloed organizations by concentrating on a holistic, technology-agnostic approach so that multiple teams can align.


Creating trust and improving the value exchange between customers and organizations through the power of Design Thinking is my biggest ambition. I do this by mentoring and guiding teams through leading and facilitating problem solving.