About Me

UX Strategist specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

“My mission is to make sure that we humanize technology while maximizing qualitative insights and the latest tools”

With over 15+ years of experience in information architecture, usability and user experience design, my mission is and has always been to put users first. I make sure products and interactions get designed with the users in mind. I include and let users and stakeholders participate in design session workshops.
Currently I am making sure that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not presented like some kind of black box to the user. Integrating strategies to have users understand and embrace new technologies without putting the technologies front and center. Design should always be human centered.
People will describe me as passionate, full of humor and an advocate for the user. I facilitate as much as I design. I mentor junior colleagues and other people trying to break into UX. I make sure they can advocate for the user as much as I do.
I’ll leave you with this:

The Beatles are not an edge case

Humanizing Alexa Music

How do you design for shuffle play when Beatles songs are being cut off half way?

Try “play Beatles” on Amazon Alexa. Songs that are part of suites (think “With a little help of my friends” or “Polythene Pam”) are being cut off half way. While this might be an edge case – most songs have a clear start and end, those songs don’t – the Beatles are most likely one of the most played bands on Alexa.