My mission is to find innovative and intuitive new concepts through a design thinking approach. I believe that the best innovate ideas come from collaboration and inclusion, and a thorough understanding of customer needs. Being an agent of change and a leader and advocate in design thinking is where my sweet spot is.

As an innovation lead I believe my role is to make sure the customers are the hero of their story. My aim is to make them feel they have flow with the designed space by mapping out their current customer journey and introducing new innovative and intuitive concepts to take away their pain points.

I try to achieve this by taking a holistic view and content first approach of the customer experience and by using design thinking workshops for creating the right problem statement and the right solutions. All the while looking at the customer experience through a technology agnostic and platform agnostic lens, persistently keeping the user central in the design process.

I believe that collaboration and inclusion is the key to big results. My approach is to seek out what the ideal outcome would be by understanding the problem space.  I then work backwards from the desired outcome. I firmly believe that the design process doesn’t start with technology, it starts with human emotions and core needs. Only when we identify the correct problem space, we can start solving for it.

Core Belief

Born and raised in Holland, I always had a tendency to question the status quo. Humans shouldn’t suffer from technocratic solutions. When products or services are carefully crafted and solutions are based on real user needs, everyone wins.

Happy Place

I have worked with and for some of the most influential companies and institutions. Crafting customer centric solutions by applying design thinking workshops, inclusivity and collaboration in a small project team.


I am constantly trying to push my boundaries, making sure humans are first and foremost the centerpiece of solutions. I’m striving to have a positive impact on my junior colleagues and mentor and coach them so that they are set up for success.